Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review of Merchant of Alyss

From the back cover:

Beneath the hills of a primeval city, a vanquished enemy is gathering power. As this new threat arises, can Hyam summon his true heritage and overcome the forces of evil?

When Hyam reluctantly returned to the Long Hall, he never imagined how his life would change. Latent powers were honed, chance encounters brought new wisdom, and even love found a way into his heart. With his wife, Joelle, he now makes a home in Falmouth Port.

Hyam is slowly recovering from his battles when a mysterious shipment of Milantian scrolls arrives. Soon he is haunted by dreams of mythic beasts and coming conflicts. When Joelle falls under a sorcerer's spell, he must venture through the desolate lands to save her--and his community.

One particular scroll seems to hold the promise of new powers, but it also carries a hidden warning about an unfathomable threat. As Hyam sets out on another journey, he is keenly aware that he must rely on all his abilities--and his forbidden past--to succeed. His quest could bring deliverance . . . or devastation.

My thoughts:

If you are a fan of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Donika K. Paul, then you will love the next installment in Thomas Locke's Legends of the Realm Series! Thomas Locke writes with a style all his own, but the lyrical prose is reminiscent of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. This is an epic questing novel.

It did take me about a hundred or so pages to really be engrossed in the story. I found I didn't relate much with Hyam until then. So I like that the point of view was split between Hyam and Shona, a secondary character who I actually really loved.

Hyam is being spoken to, called, summoned. This call sends him on a tumultuous journey on which he encounters dragons, savage beasts, mythical guardians, witches, and other races. However, when his wife's life is threatened, then the quest becomes desperately personal.

Shona is a young women whose family wants to keep her confined to a boring scribe's life, yet there is a gift and a power contained within her that cannot be denied. She finds herself on this quest, and returns a woman ready to rule. I thought her character was very well developed.

When this phase of his trek ends, you realize along with Hyam that the journey is just beginning. I MUST know what happens next. I look forward to the next book!

I was given a copy of Merchant of Alyss by Thomas Locke from Revell in exchange for my honest opinion, which I have given.

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V. Joy Palmer