Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review of Love Everlasting

From the back cover:

Growing up in a Seattle bridal finishing school never prepared Abrianna Cunningham to become one of the brides, but now Wade Ackerman, who has always been the reliable boy next door, is indicating he wants to be more than friends. And even the people closest to Abrianna believe Wade is the man she should marry. So why is she having such a hard time choosing between Wade Ackerman and Priam Welby?

Watching Welby's relentless pursuit of Abrianna is making Wade's blood boil. Welby can offer her wealth and security, but what about character and integrity? Surely Abrianna can see past Welby's smooth tongue and fine clothes, can't she?

Caught between the devil and the boy next door, either choice she makes will change Abrianna's life forever.

My thoughts:

Congratulations fans! The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! Abrianna Cunningham and Wade Ackerman are engaged! I don't want to give anything away, but despite Abrianna's apprehensions, the evil Priam Welby was never in the running.

Side note: Priam Welby? You know he's a bad dude just based on the name. What were his parents thinking?

I had some trouble with Abrianna Cunningham. The novel talks about her previous, "daredevil" exploits and I felt like the woman I was getting to know was rather flighty. While she asked a lot of interesting and thought provoking questions, it seemed to be the main focus for the first half of the book before we saw some action. Once the main conflict started to unfold, I was more engaged. However, once resolved, Abrianna was back to questioning everything again, and that frustrated me a little.

I liked Wade Ackerman. He was sweet, a little stubborn, and had that swoon worthy element we love in heroes. Wade's persona screamed. "I will always protect you. I will never leave you. I will always love you." Due to Abrianna's unexpected inheritance, he struggled with needing to provide for Abrianna himself before realizing that hello, they were going to be married. It was manly of him to want to provide for her himself, but also a good reality check that you work together in marriage.

I liked the ending, but really, who doesn't love a happy ending? *Sigh* Justice. A Wedding. Then flash forward to seeing the happy couple settled. That's what I like.

Truthfully, I haven't read very many of Tracie Peterson's books, but I had expected this book to be different. It wasn't bad. Just different. Not my favorite cup of tea. Perhaps it was simply the style of this series combined with the environment of the story? Regardless of my expectations, I know the author put a great deal of time and work into this story.

Love Everlasting is the third book in Tracie Peterson's Brides of Seattle Series. Fans of the series who followed the love stories of Abrianna's close friends, as well as watched Abrianna grow up and mature, will be very pleased with this final instalment.

I was given a copy of Love Everlasting by Tracie Peterson from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.

See you guys on November 1st! God bless your end of October! :)

V. Joy Palmer

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