Monday, July 20, 2015

Review of The Choosing

Okay, guys. We have to talk about this book because it's awesome. Here's the description for The Choosing:
Like all citizens since the Ruining, Carrington Hale knows the importance of this day. But she never expected the moment she’d spent a lifetime preparing for—her Choosing ceremony—would end in disaster. Ripped from her family, she’ll spend her days serving as a Lint, the lowest level of society. She knows it’s her duty to follow the true way of the Authority.

But as Carrington begins this nightmare, rumors of rebellion rattle her beliefs. The whispers contradict everything she’s been told; yet they resonate deep within.

Then Carrington is offered an unprecedented chance at the life she’s always dreamed of, but she can’t shake the feeling that it may be an illusion. With a killer targeting Lints and corruption threatening the highest levels of the Authority, Carrington must uncover the truth before it destroys her.

Nice, right? The Choosing is dystopian, with some romance, and a little bit of crazy serial killer all mixed into a swirl of words, paper, and ink.

The book starts right in the thick of everything! As I read, I thought, "Wait, back up! Explain!" But there was no backing up, so I was immediately pulled into the story as Carrington's worst nightmare literally took place. After all her hard work, after following all the rules, after living her life perfectly for the Authority, her entire future and worth as a person is determined by some guy basically not picking her to dance at a grand ball. Okay, so it's a little more complicated then that. Then Carrington is sent to the lowest level of society to serve for the rest of her life. She can never marry. She can never see or speak to her family again. When Carrington is given a way out of the life she never wanted, she takes it not realizing this may be a worse fate.

Remko is devoted to the Authority. However, despite his best intentions, he falls in love with Carrington. After witnessing treachery and manipulation among the Authority, Remko begins to question everything he's held in such high esteem. Even though he comes a long way, Remko's story is far from done. I can't wait to see the challenges he overcomes in Book Two.

I loved how Rachelle Dekker also had these "Histories" included in the book. They explained how society got to this point, and I was disappointed when they ended.

What I loved most about this book was the message.

Your worth.

I want to make all the girls in the youth group read this book because this message is so important. Carrington had been taught her entire life that her worth was determined by a guy thinking she was marriage material at that exact moment. She comes to realize that none of that is true. Her worth comes from God. He loves her for her. She is beautiful in His eyes. Despite everything she has been taught, she is priceless. I know of no message girls and women need to understand more. Their worth is not determined by a man or by society. It comes from God alone, and because of that, you have all the worth in the world.

On top of everything else, you see people fighting to share "the truth." It felt so reminiscent of early church/apostles sharing the Gospel. I loved that. There were poignant conversations and deep spiritual questions that Carrington and Remko had to face. There was even a moving scene where one young lady died for God's truth.

I loved the ending. I love how Remko and Carrington choose the one thing society has denied them. Their choice.

And they choose each other.

This really was such a great book you guys. A lot of dystopian books are sold as Young Adult novels, and while they are all still AMAZING, The Choosing read differently. Maybe it's because of the spiritual meaning. Maybe it's because of the serial killer theme. Regardless, The Choosing was deeper then the average dystopian novel.

The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker is A Seer Novel, and is thankfully the first book in what is sure to be a promising series.

Great talking to you guys today! Check out this book, and then come tell me how much you love it, too! See you again on August 1st!!! :)

V. Joy Palmer

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  1. Wow! I'm definitely going to have to check this out! Great review!