Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review of Katie in Waiting

From the back cover:

Is this it?

Katie McCoy has spent her whole life waiting for the right guy and he isn't coming.

After relocating to Carrington Springs, Missouri, Katie finds herself getting more and more frustrated. Can't God see that she's trying her best to meet someone? Doesn't He care that she's lonely? What is she doing that is making Him not bless her with this?

With two new friends, Eliza and Ashten, by her side, Katie starts to realize that maybe God has bigger plans for her life than she could have ever imagined.

My thoughts:

I love all of Erynn Mangum's books, and this was no exception! It's full of her trademark dialogue, loveable friends, and real emotion.

Katie moves from NYC to a sleepy little town in Missouri. All by herself. She struggles with God about being alone because she has always wanted to get married and have children. She becomes friends with two young women (who will each take a stab at being the main characters in the upcoming books), and suddenly there are not one, not two,  but three men who are showing romantic interest in her.

I will give away one spoiler. Katie doesn't end up with anyone by the end of the book. I hope in the future books that we see Katie's desire to fall in love and get married actually happen. Erynn Mangum, I'm rooting for Luke, by the way. :)

I honestly think this story has an important message that EVERYONE should read. At some point in our lives, every girl, young and old, has felt like this. We have all endured seasons of waiting. It's a wonderful message that we don't have to feel ashamed for not understanding God's plans or struggling with it. It's a loving reminder that despite our hurt, God is enough, wants to be enough. This is a heartfelt story, and you should make it a priority to read Katie in Waiting this year.

Katie in Waiting is the first book in the Carrington Springs Series. I can't wait for the next book which is coming summer of 2016. Once Upon Eliza features Katie's fun friend, Eliza. Yay!

God bless you guys! See you next time! :)

V. Joy Palmer

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